buying Bamboo Underwear

What you should consider when buying Bamboo Underwear?

Nowadays, bamboo clothing is making a great impression in the fashion industry, also bamboo underwear. Environmental watch groups are concerned about the unfavorable impact that fast fashion is doing on the earth. When choosing the high quality and best underwear, the fabric is everything. Bamboo is close to perfect when it comes to fabric for many reasons. Bamboo is sourced sustainably and it is the new favorite underwear in a plastic-free and compostable package.

Buying underwear may seem like a simple endeavor. Yet, you must give importance to the fabric content to get the coziest garments. Bamboo fabric underwear is derived from the strong and long fiber pulp of bamboo plants.  This only means once your underwear is made from bamboo, you are saving natural resources.

bamboo underwear

What you should consider when looking for bamboo underwear?

  • Size
  • When looking for bamboo underwear, you need to consider the size that suits you best. You can check the sizing charts easily of any of the brands you are shopping from to know what size is available. You have to measure your waistline and compare it with a sizing chart.
  • Lifestyle
  • You like to consider still your lifestyle when checking around the market for underwear. Some brands’ design has more moisture-wicking properties and is also flexible for someone who plays sports.
  • Design and Stitching
  • Also, look out for the design and stitching of the underwear. Some underwear comes with labels and stitching that can cause discomfort and itching. Check for bamboo underwear with a label and comfortable underwear design, and waistband to avoid chafing. This will ensure you are comfortable once you wear them.
  • Material
  • Most bamboo underwear come in either bamboo rayon or bamboo viscose. The bamboo rayon is manufactured from bamboo cellulose. While bamboo viscose is a type of rayon that is constructed from viscose liquid. Both bamboo fabrics are interchangeably used, yet their creation process differs. You may find underwear with a combination of cotton and bamboo fibers. Most bamboo underwear varies in degrees of elastane and spandex for flexibility and elasticity.

Know the great benefits of bamboo underwear


  • Breathable and Antibacterial
  • One of the best reasons why doctors recommend natural fibers such as bamboo or cotton for undergarments is for their breathable and antibacterial properties. Bamboo lets air flow because of the micro-gaps in the fabric which is pure natural genius.
  • Soft and Hypoallergenic
  • Bamboo fabric is silky smooth on the skin since it is naturally hypoallergenic. This makes it the ideal fabric for delicate and sensitive areas.
  • Quick Drying and Absorbent
  • Bamboo is a very absorbent fabric and is moisture-wicking properties. This makes it an amazing option, it is combined with antibacterial properties. Selecting bamboo underwear could only keep you dry and fresh yet could also aid you to support yeast infections.