Gel Nail Polish

Self gel Polish For Good Looking Nails

If you’ve been looking for a polish that’s safe for your nails, easy to use, and won’t strip your cuticles, look no further. Self gel polish is the best choice in nail care!

Self gel polish applies like regular nail polish and looks fantastic on hands without the use of drying time or UV light. It looks glossy and shiny with all the great benefits of regular nail polishes, but without all their downsides. Plus, it doesn’t discolor nails; ruins natural nail growth, or weaken nails like other forms of polish.

“Set” your self-gel polish in the same way as regular gel polish, by placing it in a small plastic bag or sealed bottle filled with a “drying agent.” The shape and size of the container don’t matter! The self-gel is applied to your natural nails, cured under a UV lamp (light source) for approximately 15 seconds, and then removed.

Applied over regular nail polish, the self-gel will last up to two weeks without needing”thinner” or other repairs. But if you remove it before that time, you can wash it off with mild soap and water.

Different gel nail polish colors and designs are available to fit every mood, occasion, and outfit. So whether you want to go out for an elegant evening in the city or stay with friends on a Friday night, self-gel polish is a fantastic way to express your style.

 Gel Nail Polish

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Self-Gel Polish is a nail polish alternative that doesn’t require a UV/ LED light, unlike other nail products.

Self-Gel Polish is safe for nails and will not harm or damage them. It provides years of long-lasting color without chipping or peeling. The polish does not shrink or become brittle like ordinary nail polishes. Top coat designs on nails can last for weeks without any touch-ups.

Self-Gel Polish is an excellent alternative to many other less healthy nail methods. Other polishes, like the ones that utilize LED lights or UV light, are absorbed into the nail. The layers of polish can often not be removed without damaging the nail. The UV light also causes shrinking and brittleness to the nails. It also causes gems and decorations on designs to break off more straightforwardly than other methods.

Another issue with these products is that many of them need special removers that can also damage nails in their removal process, causing more harm than good.