Types Of Crochet Hooks: Buy Your Own Set!

Crochet hooks have come a long way since the time of your grandma. You can buy crochet hooks online and look for the type you are looking for according to your preferences and details, such as:

  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Materials

Look for the materials of your hobby to start your project now!

List of crochet hooks

If you are looking for the different types of hooks, here are they:

  • Plastic hooks.
  • Tunisian Crochet hooks
  • Wooden Hooks
  • Aluminum Hooks
  • Ergonomic hooks
  • Crochet hook sizes
  • Steel Hooks
  • Knife grip
  • Knook
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

Each crochet supply list starts with the essential tool, the crochet hook. The crochet hook will serve the same purpose as knitting needles but has two differences. There is a hook on the end of a shaft. The hook part of a tool is used for pulling the yarn through the loops made along the handle, which allows you to create an array of crochet stitches. While it is a simple process, it becomes complicated if you are unsure what kind of hook for your project.

Main crochet hook types

There are two main types of crochet hooks, namely:

  • inline crochet hook. The name of the hook gets its name from being the same width as the shaft. It has an angular appearance that comes with a defined point at the lip and the mouth is deeper than the other hooks. Inline hooks are useful when making uniform stitches and the sharper angles that enter tighter stitches easily. It makes them great for the projects, such as gloves and scarves.
  • tapered crochet hook. The hook has a lip that slightly extends beyond the width of the shaft. When looking at the hook from the side, you will notice the differences. These hooks have rounder heads and shallower mouths than their inline counterparts. Due to the rounded features, the tapered hooks help you work faster while minimizing the frequency with which splitting your yarm with the hook.

Using a tapered hook makes a fast crocheter make an easy and quick blanket.

These two types of crochet hooks look the same on the surface, yet they have subtle differences that affect how you crochet.

Crochet is believed as one of grandma’s favorite hobbies that can be inherited by anyone in the family. The love of crochet doesn’t just enhance your crochet skills, but can also be a great way to earn from it on your handcrafts.